Program 50th MWC Shooting Thun

World Championships Program

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Wednesday,  30th May

16.30-18.30 Opening ceremony Town-hall court Thun
results can be found here
Thursday, 31st May
8.30-9.30 Pistol 25m CF Precision Men Team match (1.Relay) Auwald
8.30-10.30 Rifle 300m Standard 3-pos Men Team (1. Relay) Guntelsey
9-10.00 Rifle 50m Prone Women Team (1. Relay) Guntelsey
10-11.00 Pistol 25m CF Precision Men Team (2. Relay) Auwald
11-12.00 Rifle 50m Prone Women Team (2. Relay) Guntelsey
11.15-13.15 Rifle 300m Standard 3-pos Men Team (2. Relay) Guntelsey
11.30-12.30 Pistol 25m CF Precision Men Team (3. Relay) Auwald
14-15.00 Pistol 25m SP Precision Women Team (1. Relay) Auwald
14-16.00 Rifle 300m Standard 3-pos Men Team (3. Relay) Guntelsey
15.30-16.30 Pistol 25m SP Precision Women Team (2. Relay) Auwald
Friday, 1st June
8.30-9.30 Pistol 25m CF Rapid Men Team (1. Relay) Auwald
9-10.00 Rifle 50m Prone Women Individual Guntelsey
9-11.00 Rifle 300m Standard 3-pos Men Individual Guntelsey
10.00-11.00 Pistol 25m CF Rapid Men Team (2. Relay) Auwald
11.30-12.30 Pistol 25m CF Rapid Men Team (3. Relay) Auwald
14.00-15.00 Pistol 25m SP Rapid Women Team (1. Relay) Auwald
15.30-16.30 Pistol 25m SP Rapid Women Team (2. Relay) Auwald
Saturday, 2nd June
8.00-10.00 Pistol 25m CF (Center Fire) Men Individual Auwald
10.30-12.30 Pistol 25m SP (Sport Pistol) Women Individual Auwald
Sunday, 3rd June (Officials Day)
8.00-9.00 Pistol 25m Military Rapid Fire Men Team (1. Relay) Auwald
8.30-10.00 Rifle 300m Military Rapid Fire Men Team (1. Relay) Guntelsey
9.00-11.45 Rifle 50m 3-positions Women Team (1. Relay) Guntelsey
9.30-10.30 Pistol 25m Military Rapid Fire Men Team (2. Relay) Auwald
10.45-12.15 Rifle 300m Military Rapid Fire Men Team (2. Relay) Guntelsey
11-12.00 Pistol 25m Military Rapid Fire Men Team (3. Relay) Auwald
12.30-13.30 Pistol 25m Military Rapid Fire Women Team (1. Relay) Auwald
13.30-16.15 Rifle 50m 3-positions Women Team (2. Relay) Guntelsey
14-15.00 Pistol 25m Military Rapid Fire  Women Team (2. Relay) Auwald
14-15.30 Rifle 300m Military Rapid Fire MenTeam (3. Relay) Guntelsey
Monday, 4th June
9.00-10.15 Pistol 25m Military Rapid Fire Men Individual match Auwald
9.00-10.45 Rifle 300m Military Rapid Fire Men Individual match Guntelsey
9.00-11.45 Rifle 50m 3-posistion Women Individual match Guntelsey
10.45-12 Pistol 25m Military Rapid Fire Women Indiv match Auwald
Tuesday, 5th June
17-19.00 Medal parade, Closing ceremony & dinner Stadion Lachen

Impressive construction 25m ranges

A few impressions of the reconstruction work carried out with army support for the 25m  shooting range (KD-Box) in the rear Riparian forest. In the period between May 31st and June 4th, 200 pistol shooters (120 men and 80 women) from around 50 nations will compete on the mobile system.

As you can see, the Swiss construction team is building this range with the same precision as they use to make the famous Swiss watches; therefore we expect that a new CISM world record could be very possible.

source: with kind permission of the Swiss Shooting Federation; these pictures can also be seen at the Facebook page of the Schweizer Schiesssportverband SSV

U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit in Plzen (CZE) and Hannover (GER)

Soldiers from the International Rifle team returned home late last night with a little hardware from the Grand Prix of Liberation (Plzen, CZE) and the International Shooting Competition of Hannover (Hannover, GER). SFC George Norton won an individual bronze medal in Air Rifle and the team of SFC Norton, SGT Patrick Sunderman, SPC Brandon Muske, and Team USA member Matt Emmons brought home four silvers and one gold for the United States during the two week stint in Europe. Great shooting! #gousamu #armyteam

source: Facebook page U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit

Preparations 50th CISM Shooting WC

Two weeks to go and the preparations for the 50th CISM World Military Shooting Championships are ongoing. Troops of the 73th Swiss Engineer School support the construction. More info on:

Have a look at the videos by CISM Suisse:

CISM regional tournament Lienz (AUT) 2018

The Swiss shooting Federation has published some news items on this CISM shooting event.  Read them here: or download in PDF

Results Standard rifle 300m 3×20 Team, May 9th: 1. Switzerland (Andrea Rossi 583; Rafael Bereuter 580; Gilles Dufaux 580) 1743; 2. Austria (Bernhard Pickl 584; Gernot Rumpler 583; Alexander Schmirl 565) 1732; 3. Poland (Robert Kraskowski 574; Bartosz Skorupa 572; Rafal Lukaszyk 560) 1706; 4. Hungary (Norbert Szabian 545; Patrik Pragai 545; Karoly Zentai 477) 1567; 5. United Arabic Emirates (Mohammed Almeqbaali 527; Salem Alnaqbi 516; Salem Alkatheeri 515) 1558.

Results Standard rifle 300m 3×20 Individual, May 10th: 1. Gilles Dufaux (Granges-Paccot FR) 585; 2. Andrea Rossi (Dietfurt SG) 582 (20 IZ); 3. Rafael Bereuter (Müswangen LU) 582 (17 IZ); 4. Gernot Rumpler (AUT) 581; 5. Robert Kraskowski (POL) 579; 6. Bernhard Pickl (AUT) 576; 7. Alexander Schmirl (AUT) 573; 8. Bartosz Skorupa (POL) 571. Total 16 Participants

Results Rifle 300m Military Rapid Fire Team, May 10th: 1. Switzerland (Gilles Dufaux 574; Rafael Bereuter 563; Andrea Rossi 560) 1697; 2. Poland 1666; 3. Austria 1665; 4. Hungary 1478; 5. United Arabic Emirates 1330.

Results Rifle 300m Military Rapid Fire Individual: 1. Rafael Bereuter (Müswangen LU) 573; 2. Gilles Dufaux (Granges-Paccot FR) 569; 3. Bernhard Pickl (AUT) 565; 4. Andrea Rossi (Dietfurt SG) 563; 5. Gernot Rumpler (AUT) 562; 6. Robert Kraskowski (POL) 559; 7. Alexander Schmirl (AUT) 557; 8. Bartosz Skorupa (POL) 556.

Results Rifle 300m Combination: 1. Rafael Bereuter 1155 (582+573); 2. Gilles Dufaux 1154 (585+569); 3. Andrea Rossi 1145 (582+563); 4. Gernot Rumpler (AUT) 1143; 5. Bernhard Pickl (AUT) 1141; 6. Robert Kraskowski (POL) 1138; 7. Alexander Schmirl (AUT) 1130; 8. Bartosz Skorupa (POL) 1127.

CISM Shooting Competition in Lienz (AUT)

May 11, 2018 – In the period from 8 to 11 May 2018, the international military comparison tournament was held in the shooting range on the shooting range “Lavanter Forcha” near Lienz.

The participating military athletes came from Poland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and Hungary. Host nation Austria was represented by the Bundesheer-Leistungssportler Zugsführer Alexander Schmirl, Zugsführer Bernhard Pickl and Korporal Gernot Rumpler.

The competition
The competition was held in the disciplines “Slow Fire” and “Rapid Fire” both as a team competition and in singles. This time, the shooters from Switzerland dominated over the whole week. Their constant shooting performance kept them in the gold medal. The Austrians did not quite find their usual form from the start, yet they won silver in the “Slow Fire Team” and the bronze medal in the “Rapid Fire Team”.

In the “Rapid Fire Single”, Zugsführer Bernhard Pickl prevented by an excellent passage a Swiss triple victory and fought his way to the bronze medal; on silver, only five rings were missing after 60 shots. The event ended on Friday at the grounds of the seminar center Iselsberg with a victory ceremony in a military setting.

pictures (Facebook by SSgt Mike Gottlieber)

Source: – sport

Update 50th WMSC Thun 2018

The official website of the 50th CISM World Military Shooting championships is online!

The following 46 (!) nations have sent in their Preliminary Entry forms:

1. Bahrain
2. Belgium
3. Bosnia-Herzegowina
4. Brasil
5. Bulgaria
6. Chili
7. China
8. Denmark
9. Germany
10. Ecuador
11. Eritrea
12. Estland
13. Finland
14. France
15. India
16. Indonesia
17. Ireland
18. Canada
19. Columbia
20. Croatia
21. Kuwait
22. Lettland
23. Lebanon
24. Lituania
25. Luxembourg
26. Netherlands
27. North Korea
28. Norway
29. Oman
30. Austria
31. Palestina
32. Peru
33. Poland
34. Rumania
35. Russia
36. Sweden
37. Serbia
38. Slovenia
39. Spain
40. South Korea
41. Czechia
42. Tunisia
43. Turkey
44. Ukraine
45. Hungary
46. Belarus

programme (German)

3rd CISM Cadet Games… to be continued

In two weeks the CISM GA will be held in Punta Cana and Indonesia will present the “new”  3rd CISM Cadet Games proposal. These Games could be held in October, but the General Assembly and Indonesian Organiser have to come to an understanding.

Meanwhile the CSC Shooting will update information and contacts and inform the OC of the Cadet Games what it looks like in CISM Shooting.

After the final decision is taken, and the Games will go on, you will be informed by this website.
Major General Sodic from Indonesia (Chief of the OC) will most possibly come to Switzerland for the 50th MWC, which gives the possibility to talk directly to him to fix all the open points in Shooting.

Meanwhile we received the information that the Shooting Range is ready, 20 new lines in 300m including a rebuild Range and 20 new combined 25 / 50 m range with a new building. Check out the latest pictures as all this is newly built.