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We want to share our CISM shooting sports pictures with you and you may also share your CISM pictures via the CSC Shooting website. Find the first pictures here and we hope to be able to share and remember moments of many regional, world championships and world games with you! Click the logo to get into the album. Send us an email if you have pictures to share.

CSC Meeting 2013

From April 21st – 23rd 2013, the CISM Sport Committee Shooting will meet in Hannover (GER).

The agenda holds the following aspects:

* CISM Shooting 2013 – 2015
* Integration shotgun in CISM shooting
* New CSC member(s) for Shotgun in CISM
* CSC member tasks and responsibilities (define)
* Chairmen for Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Classification
* Selection of (ISSF licensed) judges for Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun

Our main goal is to find and/or mobilize organizers who are willing to have a shooting championship at bi- or tri-national, regional or world championship events in all disciplines for both male and female.

Any comment, tips or questions can be sent to:


CISM Regional 2013 Plzen (CZE)


From April 16th – 20th at Dukla Plzen, Czech Republic, a Regional CISM (pistol) shooting tournament was held.
More information can be found if you click here.

The president and members of the CSC-Shooting wished the organizers and participants a good shot.

All results can be found if you click here and some pictures can be found if you click here.

Participating teams 2013: Austria, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Norway.

Team competition Center Fire:
1. CZE (1716 pts)                                                        
2. NOR (1706 pts)                                                      
3. AUT (1700)                                                                    

 Team result list  / Indiv results

Individual competition Center Fire:

1. Josef Fiala (CZE) 584 pts
2. Manuel Heilgemeier (GER) 582 pts
3. Pål Hembre (NOR) 580 pts (shoot off 48)
4. Oliver Geis (GER) 580 pts (shoot off 47)                

Individual result list

Team competition Military Rapid Fire:
1. CZE (1738 pts)
2. NOR (1728 pts)
3. AUT (1714 pts)                                                              

Team result list / Indiv results

Pål Hembre (NOR): 594 pts (CISM world record: 1995 by Giovanni Bossi: 593 pts)

18. April a special happy birthday to Lcol Pavel Bittner (CZE)

Individual competition Military Rapid Fire
1. Pål Hembre (NOR), 592 pts
2. Oliver Geis (GER), 586 pts
3. Karl Pavlis (AUT), 585 pts

Individual result list

MQS results (NED)

Best nation: not appointed

Best pistol shooter: 2nd Lt Pål Hembre (NOR)

cismplzen2013_c 66
Picture provided by Lt-col P. Bittner (CZE)
Results daily provided by special reporter H. Huse (NOR)