Limitless, friendly and accurate

And that is exactly what has characterized this week at Boden garrison shooting stadium when an international pistol shooting competition has been held. – It feels good that we are finally able to organize an international competition in Sweden, says Lars Carlsson, one of those responsible for the competition. [by Mats Carlsson]


Pistolskytteklubb Week in Boden is an international invitational, known as CISM regional shooting tournament, CISM stands for the International Military Sports Council.
– We invited 10 nations besides ourselves and there were five who came, 22 shooters and one or two leaders per nation. A pretty decent results nowadays as we know that many people have it tough with their defense budgets, travel and participation in this event is something that sooner can be deleted when it becomes savings requirements. We were also a little late with the invitation for various reasons, continues Lars Carlsson.

Sweden’s best resort

The courses for 25 and 50 meter shooting in Boden’s garrison where built for military shooting World Cup in 2008 and, according to Lars the best facilities in the country for this type of competitions.
– They are no better facility in Sweden than these we have in Boden, this is where we will arrange competitions. Moreover, it is easy to arrange this when we have a very good support of Boden’s sporting club, he says.

During Thursday’s final discipline, the Military Rapid Fire match the Swedish victory became to I-19’s soldier Maria Öberg who incidentally won all individual events during the week.
– Of course I am happy with this week, although I have not shot at the top of my ability. But most pleased I am that we finally organized a competition in Sweden, if we are to be invited to other nations, we must organize one ourselves too.


Another of the participating Swedes is Maria Claesson to see another dimension of shooting and sports in defense.
– This is also a way to recruit soldiers, if, for example shooting can train you to become a soldier, full time or part-time Office. If you get there, the Home Guard soldier can come into this community and get an additional dimension and development of their shooting, said Maria and continue.
– I myself was former civilian employee of defense Eksjoe and when I finished I trained militia soldier.

Lit up

One of the Swedish men is Alf Boman, a former officer in the South Skåne Regiment and now an officer in the Home Guard in Skåne. Alf, soon to be sixty years of age showed during the Military Rapid Fire that the technology was there when he managed to get to the shoot-off for silver and bronze.
– Considering how I started in today’s contest, twelve points away on the first four series, then I lit up as well and shot really well, only 13 away on the other eight series.
It’s great to see that you are still there and fighting, he who took the silver is only 25 years old and I turn sixty next week, said a satisfied Alf Boman after shoot-off.

”Friendship through sport”

During the week, participants competed in the diciplines Center Fire Pistol, Sport Pistol and Military Rapid Fire. Monday and Friday were days of travel and Tuesday to Thursday was devoted to training and competition, it all ended on Thursday with an award giving ceremony and as it should be with a fellow dinner in true CISM spirit of “friendship through sport.”
– It feels good that we can have this good cooperation in the world and there are many good examples, that I remember so here directly is when we were at the Military World Championships in China earlier this year, where the North Koreans and South Koreans sat and talked with each other in friendly spirit and we’ve read and heard how the relationship is between the two countries, says Lars Carlsson.


During this week, August 26 to September 1 implemented a new CISM events in Sweden systems, military Championships in orienteering in Eksjoe.

Mats Carlsson

All results 

Note admin: pictures of this tournament have unfortunately been deleted from the official Army website

Reg Pistol Tournament 2013 Sweden 7




Rank Name Nation Score Shoot off
1 Guido Muff SUI 579  
2 Christian Klauenbösch SUI 575 49
3 Karl Pavlis AUT 575 48,49,48
4 Alf Bohman SWE 575 48,49,46
5 Andreas Auprich AUT 574
6 Heinz Költringer AUT 574
7 Ted Granbom SWE 573
8 Runar Magnussen NOR 572
9 Ronny Andersson SWE 566
10 Jorma Jäntti FIN 563
11 Jean-Luc Marique BEL 563
12 Hansruedi Götti SUI 561
13 Antti Jokinen FIN 561
14 Patrick Haenebalcke BEL 558
15 Rune Breven-Hansen NOR 558
16 Tord E Murbreck NOR 553
17 Marko Leppä FIN 547
18 Dennis David BEL 538



Rank Name Nation Score
1 Maria Öberg SWE 550
2 Eline Leurs BEL 537
3 Mia Bjarnert SWE 536
4 Maria Claesson SWE 534


“Friendship after sport”

Reg Pistol Tournament 2013 Sweden 6



Rank Name Nation Score
1 Andreas Auprich AUT 586
2 Karl Pavlis AUT 579
3 Guido Muff SUI 578
4 Heinz Költringer AUT 576
5 Christian Klauenbösch SUI 574
6 Ted Granbom SWE 573
7 Jean-Luc Marique BEL 566
8 Alf Bohman SWE 566
9 Ronny Andersson SWE 564
10 Antti Jokinen FIN 558
11 Jorma Jäntti FIN 558
12 Dennis David BEL 554
13 Tord E Murbreck NOR 553
14 Hansruedi Götti SUI 553
15 Runar Magnussen NOR 553
16 Patrick Haenebalcke BEL 552
17 Rune Berven-Hansen NOR 552
18 Marko Leppä FIN 539


Rank Name Nation Score
1 Maria Öberg SWE 562
2 Maria Claesson SWE 548
3 Mia Bjarnert SWE 546
4 Eline Leurs BEL 540

Reg Pistol Tournament 2013 Sweden 5



MEN 25 m

1 AUSTRIA   1741
  Andreas Auprich 586  
  Karl Pavlis 579  
  Heinz Költringer 576  
  Guido Muff 578  
  Christian Klauenbösch 574  
  Hansruedi Götti 553  
3 SWEDEN   1703
  Ted Granbom 573  
  Alf Bohman 566  
  Ronny Andersson 564  
4 BELGIUM   1672
  Jean-Luc Marique 566  
  Dennis David 554  
  Patrick Haenebalcke 552  
5 NORGE   1658
  Tord E Murbreck 553  
  Runar Magnussen 553  
  Rune Berven-Hansen 552  
6 FINLAND   1655
  Antti Jokinen 558  
  Jorma Jäntti 558  
  Marko Leppä 539  


WOMEN 25 m

1 SWEDEN   1656
  Maria Öberg 562  
  Maria Claesson 548  
  Mia Bjarnert 546  
2 BELGIUM   540
  Eline Leurs 540  


Reg Pistol Tournament 2013 Sweden 4



Rank Name Nation Score
1 Heinz Költringer AUT 582
2 Andreas Auprich AUT 578
3 Christian Klauenbösch SUI 577
4 Ted Granbom SWE 574
5 Jorma Jäntti FIN 573
6 Alf Bohman SWE 570
7 Jean-Luc Marique BEL 564
8 Hansruedi Götti SUI 564
9 Guido Muff SUI 563
10 Runar Magnussen NOR 563
11 Antti Jokinen FIN 562
12 Karl Pavlis AUT 562
13 Ronny Andersson SWE 559
14 Marko Leppä FIN 555
15 Dennis David BEL 549
16 Tord E Murbreck NOR 549
17 Patric Haenebalcke BEL 544
18 Rune Berven-Hansen NOR 535


Rank Name Nation Score
1 Maria Öberg SWE 554
2 Mia Bjarnert SWE 543
3 Maria Claesson SWE 538
4 Eline Leurs BEL 531

2365_66631943808_1975_n 2365_66632053808_9110_n 2365_66632058808_9703_n 5932_128438123808_3133596_n 394251_10151169498018809_1694489898_n 1150881_10151800790653617_187476987_n 1231430_10151800790788617_1118669988_n  1230013_10151800790923617_1699331933_n

Reg Pistol Tournament 2013 Sweden 3



Rank Name Nation Score
1 Christian Klauenbösch SUI 582
2 Andreas Auprich AUT 581
3 Ted Granbom SWE 576
4 Heinz Költringer AUT 571
5 Antti Jokinen FIN 567
6 Karl Pavlis AUT 566
7 Alf Bohman SWE 566
8 Jorma Jäntti FIN 565
9 Guido Muff SUI 563
10 Hansruedi Götti SUI 562
11 Tord E Murbreck NOR 555
12 Runar Magnussen NOR 551
13 Ronny Andersson SWE 550
14 Jean-Luc Marique BEL 547
15 Rune Berven-Hansen NOR 547
16 Dennis David BEL 543
17 Marko Leppä FIN 543
18 Patric Hanebalcke BEL 536



Rank Name Nation Score
1 Maria Öberg SWE 564
2 Eline Leurs BEL 548
3 Mia Bjarnert SWE 538
4 Maria Claesson SWE 530


Reg Pistol Tournament 2013 Sweden 2



1 SWEDEN   1632
  Maria Öberg 564  
  Mia Bjarnert 538  
  Maria Claesson 530  
2 BELGIUM   548
  Eline Leurs 564  


1 AUSTRIA   1718
  Andreas Auprich 581  
  Heinz Költringer 571  
  Karl Pavlis 566  
  Christian Klauenbösch 582  
  Guido Muff 563  
  Hansruedi Götti 562  
3 SWEDEN   1692
  Ted Granbom 576  
  Alf Bohman 566  
  Ronny Andersson 550  
4 FINLAND   1675
  Antti Jokinen 567  
  Jorma Jäntti 565  
  Marko Leppä 543  
5 NORGE   1653
  Tord E Murbreck 555  
  Runar Magnussen 551  
  Rune Berven-Hansen 547  
6 BELGIUM   1626
  Jean-Luc Marique 547  
  Dennis David 543  
  Patrick Hanebalcke 536  




Regional Pistol Tournament 2013 Sweden

MilskytteloggagifThe Swedish Delegation to CISM is honored to organize a CISM Regional Military Shooting (Pistol) Championship which will be held in Boden, SWEDEN from 26th to 30th August 2013. We wish all participants and organizers good luck and a good shot. Check results later this week on this website or at our Facebook page.