Nordic Military Shooting Championships 2014


The Nordic Championships will be organised by the Finnish Defence Forces in Vekaranjärvi, Finland (where it also has been organised in 2006)

from 23rd – 27th June 2014.


Vekaranjärvi is situated 170 km north-east from Helsinki.
The invitation will be delivered soon.
The time for informal agreement is 25.4.2014 and for final entry 23.5.2014.
These championships are only open to the Nordic Countries (NOR – SWE – FIN – DEN)

Regional Pistol Tournament SWE

MilskytteloggagifThe Swedish Armed Forces will organize the

2014 CISM Regional Military Shooting (Pistol) Championship

The Swedish Delegation to CISM is honored to invite a mission, representing the Armed Forces of your country, to participate in 2014 CISM Regional Military Shooting (Pistol) Championship. This competition will be held in Boden, SWEDEN 18th to 22th August 2014.

image002Due to the infrastructure the participation is limited to 12 guest nations.

Only the following countries have been invited:
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Switzerland.

The Swedish CISM delegation is looking forward to welcome the teams for a well-represented and successful competition.

USB_Stick_BeschriftungThe competition will be shot on Sius Ascor Electronical Scoring Targets.

Bleiker and IWA


At the 2014 International Weapons Fair (IWA) in Nürnberg Germany we met one of the sponsors of the CISM Shooting Website, mr Heinrich Bleiker and mr Ernst Gloor.

The fact that at this moment there are no CISM World Championship does not mean we are not working behind the lines on improvement and future planning.

The Swiss Bleiker firm is well known for high quality and ongoing improvements which shows in the achievements of sport shooting friends all over the world.




Bleiker, the choice of winnersP1200701