Nordic Military Shooting Championship 2014




 Almost 80 athletes are participating in the NMSC2014. Denmark and Norway both have 21 athletes on their teams, out of which 8 are women. The Swedish and Finnish teams consist of 17 athletes, with the Swedish team having 7 and Finnish team 4 women athletes. 
The programme of the first competition day Tuesday:
The 25 m events will take place in Utti, the Tyrri Shooting Area (at 1000 and 1400). The 300 m and 50 m events are conducted in Lahti, in the Hälvälä Shooting area (at 1300).

The Championships were opened in Vekaranjärvi on Monday evening. Welcoming Speech was given by the Director of the Competition, Colonel Rami Saari.

There was wonderful show by The Finnish Defence Forces Conscript Band.

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