it’s all close to each other winning or ….

Only 7 shot before the end of the contest in Sonya’s rifle the firing pin breaks. Just 5 minutes are still on the clock. Coach Krenn with a replacement part for an Austrian shooter tries to save the match. But it’s too late, because there is no time credit. Here only helps the comfort of her teammates Beate Gauss and Eva Rösken….


Big Bohr Rifle 300m 3×20 Women, Eva Rösken did it: Worldchampion!

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2nd CISM World Cadet Games Ecuador 2014

Before the closing ceremony, the president of the CISM Sport Committee Shooting, colonel Bruno Wolfensberger, invited Ecuadorian authorities , heads of mission, team officials and range officials together with the sport shooters to the Casino of the Naval school of Salinas for the presentation of awards of all shooting events (rifle and pistol). It also held to honour the best shooters and teams in the competition. Finally, Col Wolfensberger decided to present two special awards.

“Since 10 years I’m in CISM sports shooting, there was never a fair play trophy presentation. I would like to see a fact which took place this week to be taken into consideration.
Sri Lanka team broken some of their weapons and could not participate any further in the competition. The team of Qatar shared their weapons so Sri Lanka could take part in the on going competition. I know that it is very difficult if not nearly impossible to pass ones own gun at someone else, but the Qatari did. I therefore address the fair play award to this team. I won’t forget the judges. It is the first time that an official was injured during the race and we decided to create the trophy of the injured judge.”

Find the images of the Cadet Games here

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lieutenant_colonel_brazilian_army_ranks_uniforms_13Major Marcos Vieira Jr, member of the CISM Sport Committee Shooting was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel by the Chief of Brazilian Delegation and the CISM Shooting Committee President, during the 2nd World Cadets Games in Ecuador. What better place can you imagene to get your promotion?

Parabéns from all sport shooting members
of 134 participating CISM countries!


2nd CISM World Cadet Games Ecuador 2014


Shooting Awards Ceremony 2nd World Cadets Games 2014 Ecuador.
Fair play trophy
was for the Qatar team
Best shooters:

Cad LEPPA Aleksi (FIN) – rifle men
Cad FITSNER Maryia (RUS) – pistol women
Cad BONADEO Giancarlo (BRA) – pistol men; and
Brazil Team – 1st place Military Rapid Fire Pistol

Photo album click HERE (a few of the images shown below from Brig-Gen Al Hamadi & Brig-Gen Al Jaidah)

IMG_0342 IMG_0335 IMG_0329 IMG_0316 IMG_0313 IMG_0310 IMG_0300 IMG_0296 IMG_0295IMG_0419 IMG_0418 IMG_0416 IMG_0392 IMG_0391 IMG_0388

2nd CISM World Cadet Games Ecuador 2014



300m Rapid Fire Rifle TEAM
25m Rapid Fire Pistol TEAM Men
25m Rapid Fire Pistol TEAM Women (not available now)


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In addition to the traditional equipment essential to the practice of shooting, there is a small object that is more than useful when one is on a shooting stand: the hearing protection. Upon your entry on the stand, you are asked to wear something either model. There is the old version, but always practical, helmet with foam protections. For younger people, there are yellow earplugs distributed in the aircraft, now there is worn around the neck. Even more modern, molded to his own ear protectors: great chic. He remains the good old solution of the finger in the ear but not practical to take pictures!
And during this time, Colonel Bruno Wolfensberger, President of the CISM shooting committee is working quietly in his office. Without hearing protection…

2nd CISM World Cadet Games Ecuador 2014

The shooting range and the track are separated by a few hundred meters. When the competition begins, you feel immediately that good smell of powder invade nearby because other noises, deaf for rifles to 300 m and the crackle of pistols at 25 m, there are also smells. All senses are really wake for this discipline. In the program of the day: training the rifle for the test of speed, precision at the 25 m individual pistol for men, the afternoon training for male and female speed contest.

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25m sport pistol women TEAM
25m sport pistol women INDIVIDUAL
25m Center Fire Pistol Men TEAM
25m Center Fire Pistol Men INDIVIDUAL

10628223_10202618150524004_6334844423417060256_nLCol Taussi (FIN) Maj Vieira (BRA) Col Wolfensberger (SUI)
vice-president, member and president CISM Sport Committee Shooting


Goodbye Stephanie!

We got this (sad) message and we would like to share it with you:

We will miss her but the CISM motto will always be there: FRIENDSHIP THROUGH SPORT

stephanieDear friends and fans!

I want to inform you that my 6 years of Army Membership is over now! In October, I am going to start an education at the Dr. Vodder Academy in Walchsee! My shooting and competitions will be the same, so don’t worry about 

I want to say a big thank you to the great support of the Austrian Army!


steph steph2 steph3 steph4 steph5 steph6 steph7 steph8 steph9


2nd CISM World Cadet Games Ecuador 2014

In Equador the 2nd CISM World Cadet Games have started.  Find more information in this folder.

Follow the event on Flickr, Facebook , Twitter Hashtag: #MundialCadetes or via the official organisors website. Shooting will take place in Salinas along with Track & Field, Swimming and Orienteering while Pentathlon & Volleyball take place at Quito. The CISM Sport Committee Shooting is meeting here to prepare for the Military World Games in Korea 2015. Assisting the CSC Shooting are also special officers Grendelmeier and Reiner of the Swiss Army.

1506417_727253497345876_4214136686964428082_n 10351762_10204029501452159_7907035045191872916_n 10458743_727556687315557_6348067334956291385_n 10517701_727418233996069_5478230905801091476_n 10615985_727327754005117_7676646808671775092_n 10653691_727327784005114_7795539009694596305_n