6th World Military Games, Korea R

The CISM 6th World Military Games will be organised in October 2015 in Kyeongsangbuk, Republic of Korea

Shooting sport will take as follows 2.-12.10.2015 (draft)
– 2.10 Opening ceremony
– 3.10 Official Training / Equipment Control
– 4.10 Training and Competition
– 5.10 Competition – Standard rifle, training; centre fire pistol (P), team; trap/skeet 
– 6.10 Competition – Standard rifle, team; centre fire pistol (R), team; trap/skeet
– 7.10 Competition – Standard rifle, individual; centre fire pistol, individual; trap/skeet
– 8.10 Competition – Training; trap/skeet
– 9.10 Competition – Rapid fire rifle, team; rapid fire pistol, team; trap/skeet
– 10.10 Competition – Rapid fire rifle, indiv; rapid fire pistol, indiv; trap/skeet / awards
– 11.10 Closing ceremony
– 12.10 Departure
Date and time of the Preliminary meeting and the Enlarged Meeting will be anounced at the event.
Below a few pictures of:
left to right:  25/50m range building; the 25m range; and the 50m range
M07581 M07582 M07583
from left to right: 300m entry; the 300m range and the Trap/Skeet ranges
M07584 M07585 M07586
click pictures below for programme / info
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6th Military World Games

Every four years, the ‪#‎InternationalMilitarySportsCouncil‬ (‪#‎CISM‬‪#‎ConseilInternationalduSportMilitaire‬) hosts the ‪#‎MilitaryWorldGames‬(‪#‎MWG‬). The Military World Games is often referred to as the “‪#‎MilitaryOlympics‬“.

The 5th Military World Games, July 2011, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was the largest CISM event ever with 4,900 ‪#‎MilitaryAthletes‬ from 108 countries competing in 20 summer sports. Taekwondo was among the 20 sports.

Join us in 2015 at ‪#‎Mungyeong‬, North Gyeongsang Province, Republic of Korea for the 6th Military World Games. Featuring 24 summer sports including sport shooting. The Organizing Committee of the 6th MWG is making all efforts to surpass the 5th MWG.