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Result of 1st Agreement in 6th CISM World Games 2015

According to 1st agreement on 1st December, 71 nations and 7,728 participants will take part in 6th CISM World Games in 2015. By continents, there are 15 nations from Asia continent, 9 from America, 11 from Africa, and 34 from Europe. And 5 nations with Brazil, minister of national defenses, and the generals are going to take part in the game.

The 1st agreement is a step for checking the scale of each teams such as entry for each event, and personnel setup accordingly 8.3 CISM regulation. In case of last 2011 5th CISM World Games, 113 nations 8,700 participants took part in. After finishing application of 3rd agreement, the organizing committee expect that total participants will be around 8,700 from 110 nations.

Meanwhile, 2nd agreement need to be submitted latest 15th March in 2015 and the final agreement will be until 1st of August.

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ISSF RifleCommittee


December 3rd, 2014; from our special correspondent (Liam Crawford, IRL)

CISM Sport Committee member LCol Pavel Bittner (CZE) was  elected as a member in the ISSF Rifle Committee.
The election was held at the ISSF General Assembly in Munich today.

We congratulate Pavel with this achievement and wish him a lot of success in his new job.

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