Mexico after Japan on the way to join CISM

Second visit of the Military Attaché of Mexico in Belgium
Immediately after the opening of an official military representation in Belgium, Col. JORGE ANTONIO MALDONADO GUEVARA, new Military attaché of Mexico in Brussels, asked for an audience with the CISM Secretary General, Colonel Koita to push the very promising contacts established last year by his predecessor in function one step further.

After a detailed presentation of CISM activities and the membership conditions, it appeared obvious that Mexico meets all conditions to join CISM rapidly. Colonel Guevarra was impressed by the outreach of CISM and enthusiastically declared that “the Membership of Mexico is very interesting for our athletes” and he committed to do his utmost to relay all information to the Mexican military authorities, hoping for a rapid decision to apply.
After Japan Last week, this visit gives hope for a growth in the development of the CISM membership!

News: Olivier Verhellecism_in_brussels_mexico

Japan on the way to join CISM

On February 6th, Mr Masanori Nishi, Vice Minister of Defense of Japan, visited the CISM general Secretariat in Brussels travelling with a team of officials of the Defense Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Defense. He was officially missioned by the Government of Japan to discuss with the CISM Secretary General on the conditions and procedures for a Japanese Membership in CISM.
After a general presentation of CISM, its scope activities and membership procedures, the Japanese guests asked a number of precise and detailed questions to the CISM Secretary General and his staff, which showed a real and strong interest in joining CISM.
Colonel Koita addressed to the visitors a very clear message : “Japan has always been one of our strategic areas for CISM expansion. Japan meets all conditions to join CISM rapidly and we all sincerely hope that the Japanese Athletes will compete at the 6th CISM World Games next October in Korea.”

Picture 1: CISM SG, colonel Koita and Vice MINDEF of Japan, M. Masanori Nishi exchanging gifts



Picture 2: Japanese and CISM officials