ISSF & CISM news

CISM has published their yearbook 2014 online. Have a look at great achievements, new records and among the excellent sport events held in the past year the 2nd World Military Cadet Games.

Anti Doping regulations for all CISM events can be found and downloaded here.
The ISSF Technical Committee met the Chairmen of all ISSF Section Committees to discuss ISSF Rules related issues. As a result of the meeting, the ISSF has released today a “2015 ISSF Rules interpretation” document.

The Rules interpretation document is now available online for download on the ISSF website.


ECH 2015 Arnhem, The Netherlands


Many CISM shooters passed the desk of the CRO’s at the ECH2015 competition and it was a great honor and pleasure to have the teams competing in The Netherlands. It was a tournament where the CISM motto: “FRIENDSHIP THROUGH SPORT” certainly could be seen…

Find here: information, results, pictures and video’s of finals at the 10m AR Men, 10m AR Women, 10m AP Men and 10m AP Women or have a look at the ESC website 


We have been “Aiming for perfection” and hope you enjoyed it.


Europ Champ’s Air Weapons in the Netherlands

P131031511053064_560280600780665_8018839599531634337_n (1) P1310261 P1310255 P1310252 11021122_867889853269187_5175122568809137325_n 11043014_867887983269374_7397998309084553864_n 11025963_866502500074589_2158882280675016733_n 11018308_866501470074692_1969242890749701871_n

Many CISM friends made it to Arnhem among nearly 600 athletes. It is good to see so many experienced together with relatively new shooters on the firing line. Olympian shooters and retired shooters enjoy the “way of the rifle” or the “aiming to pistol” under a near to CISM motto: “Friendship Through Sport” way. We will do our best to make it a good match for you! More at