70 days to go

We are 70 days away from the largest Military Sports‬ event in history, the 6th Military World Games‬, 2-11 October 2015, in ‪‎Mungyeong‬, Korea

Estimated 8,700 Military athletes‬ from over 110 nations will compete in 24 sports in this sixth edition of the Military World Games‬ / “Military Olympics‬“.

Every four years, the International Military Sports Council‬ (CISM‬ / Conseil International du Sport Militaire‬) hosts the Military World Games‬ (MWG‬).

The Military World Games is often referred to as the “Military Olympics‬“. The 5th Military World Games, held in July 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was the largest CISM event ever with 4,900 Military athletes‬ from 108 countries competing in 20 summer sports. Shooting was among the 20 hosted sports in Brazil with the biggest participation.

You can join us in 2015 at Mungyeong‬, North Gyeongsang Province, Republic of Korea for the 6th Military World Games or follow us online.
Featuring 24 summer sports including Shooting. The Organizing Committee of the 6th MWG is making all efforts to surpass the 5th MWG.


CISM President thanked Capt Jörg Dietrich (GER)

read the LETTER TO JORG DIETRICHCISM letter Jorg Dietrich

On the occasion of the Regional CISM Rifle shooting Championship in Sonthofen, Captain Jörg DIETRICH was thankend by the President CSC Shooting, Colonel Bruno WOLFENSERGER (SUI) and the commander of the Sports School of the German Armed Forces, Colonel Bernd GRIGIEL for his work in recent years. On behalf of the CISM President, Colonel Abdulhakeem ALSHINO (BRN) he received a personal letter of appreciation of the CISM Presidents and CISM pennon.


Thanks to the dedication and great work “Friendship trough Sport” can be experienced repeatedly.
Colonel Bruno WOLFENSBERGER thanked Captain Jörg DIETRICH for his work which he carries out every year with the support of the commander of the Sports School Colonel Bernd GRIGIEL. The 2015 event in Sonthofen was once again a great success.



If you have results or pictures of the CISM Regional Championships in Germany, please send them to the CSC Shooting!

Notification Regarding “MERS” (July 1, 2015)

The 6th CISM World Games Organizing Committee announces to all member nations logo_mungyeong-150x150about the recent outbreak of the “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome(MERS-CoV)” in the Republic of Korea.

Read the attachement



We hope to see you in the 6th CISM World Games this coming October.
Friendship together, peace forever !

Kim Sang Ki
(Chairman of 6th CISM World Games Organizing Committee)