CISM president thanks capt Lasse Carlsson

On the occasion of the Regional CISM Pistol shooting Championship in the Norbotten Regimental town of Boden, Captain Lars Carlsson was thankend by the President CSC Shooting, Colonel Bruno WOLFENSERGER (SUI) and the Chief of Staff of the Norrbotten Regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel Nils Johansson for his work in recent years.

On behalf of CISM President, Colonel Abdulhakeem ALSHINO (BRN) Lars Carlsson received a framed personal letter of appreciation of the CISM Presidents and CISM pennon.


Thanks to the dedication and great work “Friendship trough Sport” can be experienced repeatedly. We have known Lars in CISM for over 25 years!

Colonel Bruno WOLFENSBERGER thanked Captain Lars Carlsson for his work which he carries out every year with the support of the commander. The 2015 event in Boden was this 3rd time again a great success.

Capt Lars Carlsson was well surprised by this attention. He mentioned specially that 50% of this award belongs to Lieutenant Ingemar Proos who worked with Lars for many years. “The next 6 months this will be in my office, the next  half year it will be in Ingemars office, just before he retires from the armed forces” Lars said.


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From the Commanding Officer of the Norrbotten regiment we received this message:

Dear Roland, thank You for the mail and Your kind words. I am glad that You and all participants had a good time in Boden at Norrbotten Regiment. I wish You all good luck at the MWG in South Korea later this autumn. Send My regards to all participants, coaches and of course also to Bruno W. Friendship through Sport

Kind regards
Col Mikael Frisell
CO Norrbotten Regiment

Awards 2015 CISM reg CISM pistol shooting championship

At the award giving ceremony a special occasion occurred as SWE pistol shooter Maria will turn 50 on Friday, Aug 21st. All participants have been asked to sign the target with a score of 50 to help her to remind this special day.

A photo album is online to see all pictures of the event.

3rd CISM reg Pistol Championship Boden (SWE)

On the last day of the 2015 Regional CISM (pistol) shooting championship, the Military Rapid Fire (MRF) Team and Individual event took place.

Unfortunately a few malfunctions took place and they are surely one of the reasons for the teams not getting their goals. So the Swiss team – however ended 1st – made it nearly to break the Swiss National Military record in MRF.

RESULT CISM Boden 2015 (final)

In the evening the award giving ceremony will be held as well a special news item will be reveilled in CISM shooting here in Sweden.

to be continued….

CISM Regional Pistol 2015 Boden (SWE) CF/SP Individual

On Wednesday the Individual results of the 3rd CISM Regional Pistol Shooting Championship in Boden (SWE) in both Center Fire and Sports Pistol discipline where shot.
Todays matches have been closely followed by Colonel Mikael Frisell, commander of the Norrbotten Regiment and he liked what he have seen.

25m Center Fire Men: 25m Sport Pistol Women:
1. Paul Hembre (NOR) 584 1. Sylvia Steiner (AUT) 578
2. Karl Pavlis (AUT) 583 2.  G-H Sönsterud-Haugen (NOR) 566
3. Jan-Olov Danielsson (SWE) 579 3.  Leva Simsone (LAT) 565

In the evening the participants have visited the Rödberget Fortress and had a small bbq after. President CSC Shooting, Colonel Bruno Wolfensberger had met the Norbotten commander, Colonel Frihell in the afternoon and joined the participants.

RESULT CISM Boden 2015_day_two

3rd CISM regional Boden (SWE)

3rd CISM Reg Pistol SWE championship has started

2000px-Norrbottens_regemente_vapen.svgOn Monday evening the organisers welcomed all teams that participate in the 3rd Regional CISM Pisol Shooting Championship in the Boden Garrisons.

Not less then 38 athletes started on Tuesday morning after the welcoming words of Colonel Mikael Frisell, commander of the Norrbotten regiment. As a former CISM and ISSF rifle shooter he knows what’s worst on competitions, so his speech was firm and short. ”I wish you every success in the competition in the spirit of fair play and friendship – friendship through sports. Together we can make this competition into a high quality and successful Regional CISM shooting competition. I hereby declare the Regional CISM competition in Pistol shooting in Boden 2015 opened. Let the competition begin.”

Both Lars Carlsson and Ingemar Proos have been busy to prepare the championship for a few weeks and that has payed out today as the training and 1st Team match ended with good results, happy athletes and without any problems.

In Sweden they say: “Har ni bra förberedelser så blir det bra resultat”

TEAM Men 25m Center Fire                     Team Women 25m Sportpistol

1. NOR 1723                                             1. SWE 1657
2. SUI 1716                                                2. DEN 1654
3. AUT 1710                                              3. LAT 1643

RESULT CISM Boden 2015_first_day



Last ISSF Worldcup 2015

droog-AZBThe last ISSF World Cup Stage of the season was officially opened in Gabala, Azerbaijan, today. Athletes from 90 countries will compete in Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun events from the 7th through the 15th of August, trying to secure one of the 34 Olympic quotas up for grabs, and a pass for the 2015 ISSF World Cup Finals.
We wish all participants good luck and many Innertens.

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