the Games are over…

tn_IMG_3302aThe 6th World Military Games are over. Shooting has shown both smiles and sad faces but in the end there was a sunny award giving ceremony with even a surprise for a 30 year veteran in shooting and the secretary himself among 4 other members of the CSC Shooting.
10 days of which 7 shooting was a performing day has passed. 413 athletes from 53 nations competed in 3 events with 68 relays. 72 medals and 17 new CISM World records where set, 1 Equalized WR in 25m women pistol. Performance was high, the engagement was 100% and made a new milestone in CISM shooting. Looking forward to China 2019 we face Brasil 2016 and many world (both CISM and ISSF), continental, regional and smaller championships before we are back. The upcomming years we use the friendships, made here in Korea, to enrichen our lifes, our sport and the goal in CISM: “Friendship through sport“.
Resultbook: 48 th World Military Shooting Championship

Enlarged Technical Meeting

At the Enlarged Technical Meeting in the Yeongchon barracks 35 out of 53 nations where present. Here you can download the presentation :Enlarged CSC Meeting 6th MWG 2015

In this meeting new CISM Shooting rules have been voted for. The new regulations will be published soon and in force as from January 1st 2016.

Regarding CISM Policy Manual article 3.28, the nations are advised to thank the Korean Armed Forces and send a Letter of courtesy to the Organizing Committee.


Busy office hours

At Daegu and YeonCheong ranges the paperwork is getting to it’s highest as most results will have to be joined in reports, with doping tests, result lists, protest, appeal and report forms. Meanwhile more and more nations have presented themselves that they are interested to organise a Military World Championship in the near future. colonel Bruno stated:”we simple are running out of time to have so many world championships now! But it is a great compliment to both the Korean organisation as to the range staff that shooting in CISM is getting so much support and visitors.”

new CISRM records in 50m Rifle

tn_IMG_1465Today in the team match 3×20 50m rifle women there where two new CISM World Records.

Mongolian team won Gold medal (1761 pts) and the Mongolian athlete Narantuy  CHULUUNBADRAKH shot 589 pts which will be a New CISM Record.



images of October 10th

Just another day at the office?

Together with the president of CSC Shooting, col Bruno Wolfensberger, 12088391_1703797103187691_8400293719101046118_n
going over all files of the 6 New CISM Records that have been shot today, the Anti Doping forms and the Incident Reports. It’s 22:30 local time now and it was an interesting day that started at 06:30 hrs.
After visiting the 300m range in Yeongcheon where we witnessed Norway shooting Team Gold in Standard Rifle and Ole-Krystian Bryhn (NOR) took a New CISM Record individual we went back to Daegu ranges. There we have been invited to the 4 star General Park of the Korean Armed Forces.
After a very interesting meeting we have been invited for lunch at the HQ in Dague tomorrow. In the afternoon we witnessed Germany winning the first ever in CISM Gold medal (and New CISM Record) in Trap Women by Katrin Quooss over the Chinese Qingnian Li (11 over 10 hits).korea2015 droog

In the morning at the Women 50m prone event the Goldmedal went to Russia (1860,2 pts). Silver to Thailand (1855,6 pts) and Bronze to Germany (1855,0 pts). Individual New CISM Record with 622.6 points, by SRA Sunanta Majchacheep.

col Wolfensberger meets CG 2nd OC general Park

col Wolfensberger met general Chan Ju Park of the 2nd Operational Command of the Korean Army, responsable for the security in the Area of the 6th MWG this afternoon at the Dague shooting ranges.