Retirement adj-maj Mariutto (LUX)

On Friday November 27th, at the barracks in Diekirch the Luxembourg Armed Forces said “Good Bye” to their Adjudant de Corps de L’Armee and our CISM Sport Shooting friend Adjudant-major Luigi Mariutto. In many champioships he was the LUX mission; he was the athlete, the coach, the team leader and the chief of mission in one. Among the family, the many military colleagues and Luxembourg sportshooting related friends there was a small delegation of CISM representatives and one who served in a mission in Kosovo with him. We hope Louis finds a well deserved retirement and a little time to coach a few military shooters to participate with Remy Eiffes in future CISM events.
Wishing him all the best, it was an honor to be working with you Luigi Mariutto.

“Friendship Through Sport 2.0”

Resignation and farewell

During the 48th World Military Shooting championships in Korea two of our dedicated members have resigned. Lcol Pavel Bittner (CZE) has taken a position in the ISSF Rifle Committee and due to his work he couldn’t combine these with being member of the CISM Sportcommittee Shooting.
LCol Roland Marks (GER) has resigned due to his physical situation. The president of the CSC Shooting regrets the loss of these two members. Both have been awarded the Grand Knight in the Order of CISM for their great effort.

a Letter from the German Delegation to CISM was sent to the president of the CSC Shooting.