Competition Day 5 & 6 & Closing Ceremony (by CISM media team)

49th WMC Shooting – Doha (QAT) – Competition Day 5 & 6 & Closing Ceremony

DOHA (QAT) – The last two days of competition of the 49th WMC Shooting took place on November 18 and 19 in the Losail Shooting Sports Complex in Doha (QAT) after 6 days of high-level competition.

On November 18, Qatar won two more medals at the 49th CISM World Military Shooting Championship in the 25m Military Rapid Fire Pistol Men Team Event and in the Skeet Women Team Event. The Qatari shooters Oleg Engachev, Ivan Bidniak and Konstantin Maltsev finished with a score of 1737 and grabbed the silver medal while the Chinese team composed by Zheng Gao, Zhenxiang Xie and Yongde Jin won the gold medal with a total score of 1755-62x. Russia (Klimov, Kalyuzhnayy & Guryanov) took the bronze medal (1730-51x). In the women’s competition, the Qatari trio of Sarah Mohamed, Hajar Mohamed and Reem al-Sharshani, who previously won the skeet event at the Asian Shotgun Championship in Abu Dhabi, enabled the host country to take the bronze medal with a total score of 200. Russia (Belikova, Krakhmaleva & Meleshchenko) realized a massive performance (206) to win the gold medal and even broke the CISM World Record at the same time. China (Zhang, Che & Zhou – 204) finished on the second step of the podium.

In the other events of the day, Russia went on dominating the women’s skeet individual by winning two medals. After winning the gold medal in the skeet team event, Marina Belikova managed to take the first place of the skeet individual event by defeating Simona Scocchetti (ITA) 13-12. Her teammate Anastasiia Krakhmaleva was awarded the bronze medal as she won her 3rd place game again the German shooter Christine Wenzel. In the same time, the Russian gold medalist Marina Belikova set a new CISM Record in the Skeet Women Event by shooting 72 targets (the previous record was set in Korea 2015 with 70 targets).


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We would like to say THANK YOU  to the Organising Committee, the athletes, coaches, other team officials, the CISM Media Team and everyone for sharing their stories and pictures in Facebook, by email and in any other way to help the CSC Shooting to publish these in the CISM Sport Committee Shooting website and inform the world, especially the teams and other CISM friends not being able to participate or visit the championships.

See you next year in a regional CISM, ISSF, ESC or local championship and hope to meet in the 50th World Military Shooting Championships!



a few memories from 49th WMSC, Doha (QAT)

Closing Ceremony 49th WMSC Qatar 2016

The 49th World Military Shooting championship in Qatar comes to an end, the medals will be handed to the winners, the records will be written and it’s just the closing dinner and party that seperates the teams from going home. Excellent prepared venues and conditions, good food and perfectly organised and supported matches are proven by the many CISM records that where broken this week.

Enlarged CSC meeting Qatar

More information will be published later.

last competition day 49th WMSC

At the 49th World Military Shooting Championship, the circumstances must be good as another record in 300m Military Rapid Fire Rifle was broken during the team event by Danish shooter private Steffen Halfdan Olssen who scored 577 points. Today Norwegian sergeant Odd Arne Brekkne came close to that score with his goldmedal with 576-22 points, silver was for corporal Bernhard Pickl (AUT) with 574-22 pts and bronze for Homeguard soldier Kim-Andre Lund (NOR) with 574-12 points.

China took gold in the 25m MRF Pistol event by major Zhenxiang Xie (591-25), silver was for his team mate colonel Yongde Jin with 589-22 and bronze for french OR-5 Fabrice Daumal with 587-31 pts.
The womens match in 25m MRF pistol Thailand won gold by AR Naphaswan Yangpaiboon with the score of 583-22, silver was fro German Gefreiter Michelle Skeries with 581-18 pts and bronze for Korean mastersergeant Hyun Joo Park with 580-16 pts.

Information given in the Enlarged CISM Sport Committee Shooting meeting will be published later.

and everything comes to an end…

Saturday November 19th is the last competition day of the 49th World Military Shooting Championship in Doha, Qatar. The programme is as follows:15056395_10154484006530873_6135492164016749898_n

09:00-10:45 300 m Military Rapid Fire Rifle (MRF) – Indiv
09:00-10:15 25 m MRF Men – Individual
10:30 Shoot Off (eventually)
11:00-12:15 25 m MRF Women – Individual
12:30 Shoot Off (eventually)
09:00-13:00 Skeet Men – Team & Indiv – Day 2 (75 targets)
13:15 Shoot Off (eventually)
14:00 Skeet Men – Finals
16:00-18:30 Award Ceremony
19.00 Closing Dinner

another day of broken CISM records in Qatar

Friday OR-5 Cyril Graff (FRA) broke the CISM Record in 300 meter Military Rapid Fire Rifle by 2 points in the first relay which was shot last year in Korea by SGT Odd Arne Brekkne (NOR). With 194/196/184 the score of 574 consisted 17 innertens.Second place was for HV SOL Kim-Andre Lund(NOR) with 187/196/187 (570-18) while third place was won by Pte Rajmond Debevec (SLO) with 190/192/176 (558-10).
In the second relay it was PVT Steffen Olssen (DEN) who broke the new CR by another 3 point scoring: 195/198/184 (577-13 ) second was SGT Hans Kristian Wear (NOR) with 191/193/184 (568-12) and thrird place was for CPL Bernhard Pickl (AUT) with 192/187/189 (568-6).
In the third relay SGT Odd Arne Brekkne (NOR) won his relay and breaking his own CISM Record with 2 points ending with 189/196/190 (575-22), second became CPL Gernot Rumpler (AUT) with 192/191/182 (565-9) and thrird WO Andrei Konkov (RUS) with 184/191/183 (558-11);
All together team resulst are as follows:
1. Norway 1713-52 pts (setting a new CISM team record in 300m MRF)
2. Austria 1683-26 pts
3. Denmark 1669-38 pts

In Skeet Women the Team results are:
1. RUS 206 (new CISM Record) was 202
2. CHN 204
3. QAT 200

Here the Russian WO Marina Belikova set a new CISM Record in Skeet Women shooting 72 targets; this record was set in Korea 2015 with 70 targets.
The results in the medal matches where as follows:
1. M. Belikova (RUS) 13, 2. S. Scoccetti (ITA) 12 3. A. Krakhmaleva (RUS) 12 S-off 7 4. C. Wenzel (GER) 12 S-off 6