3rd day results Regional CISM Shooting championship Austria 2017

At the third day in Salzburg the teams will have a hard day work in order to compete in both the team and Individual matches of the Military Rapid Fire discipline. The Regional tournament is facing it’s end at the Liefering shooting ranges. The championship will close after the awards have been given and the closing dinner is ended today.

The team from the Ukraine could not travel with their firearms as the national regulations in Ukraine have changed. Andreas Sodl (AUT) immediately organized additional pistols and ammunition, so that the Ukrainians could participate. Friendship through sport at it’s best as even the ammunition has been given to the Ukrainians, free of charge by warrant-officer Sodl. President CSC Shooting, col Wolfensberger is at the championship to see with his own eyes the effort the Austrian delegation to CISM and the Austrian Military Pistol team have made to organise this championship. (pictures – click to enlarge – by Matti Kirilov – SWE / Sylvia Steiner – AUT / the CSC Shooting webmaster)
Don’t forget to look at the female participant…. is she on her way to Tokyo?

Military Rapid Fire / Team Competition (click)


2nd day results Regional CISM Shooting championship Austria 2017

Our special reporter at the Liefering shooting range, sent us these results. This Regional CISM Shooting championship in Salzburg, Austria 2017 is another excellent example of “Friendship through sport”. Today the individual competition in the Center Fire match finished with good results (Notice the score at the bottom of the score form!). other pictures from Lasse Carlsson and Matti Kirilov.

Center Fire / Individual Competition (click)


1st day results Regional CISM Shooting championship Austria 2017

After the first day in the at the Liefering shooting range, which is just across the border with Germany, in Salzburg, the Center Fire team matches of the Regional CISM Shooting championship Austria 2017 have been finished and the first medals are won.

Results Center Fire / Team Competition (click)

Here are a few impressions by Sylvia Steiner (AUT) and Matti Krilov (SWE).
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pictures by athletes 49th Nordic Shooting Sweden 2017

The competitions have been held at Rödberget Shooting Centre, about four kilometres southwest of Boden town centre. The shooting ranges have been used for the 43rd CISM Military World. championships shooting and many regional CISM, national and military Swedish competitions. The competitors have been accommodated at the I-19 Norrbotten Regimental garrison’s barracks.
Pictures are by Gitte Vinther, Matti Kirilov, Ståle Larsen, Hallgeir Huse, Mikko Taussi, Maria Karlsson, Henrik Hansson, Christina Van Elzelingen, Helle Østergaard Mark and others.

Award ceremony 49th Nordic Shooting championship Sweden 2017

After 3 days of shooting the Rifle 300m & 50m and Pistol 25m matches in the Boden ranges and Field Target day the results have been awarded with gifts and medals. Have a look at the award giving ceremony (click twice for enlarged pictures). Thanks to the Swedish organisers it was a wonderful championship in the CISM motto:”Friendship through sport“. In a few weeks many of these athletes will compete again in the Swiss Alps around Thun.


Results day 3 Nordic Shooting championship Sweden 2017

Here are the results of the Field Target match at the 49th Nordic Shooting championship in Boden, Sweden. Wednesday night the “Teamcaptain-competition” was held which you can see in the pictures below.
Field pistol women
Field pistol women team
Field pistol men
Field pistol men team

Field Rifle IND+TEAM
Field Rifle TEAM
Field Rifle NOR
Field Rifle SWE
Field Rifle FIN

Field Rifle DEN
Best Nation NMSC

Here´s more photos, this time from the thursdays competions.

And also three pictures from last nights teamcaptain-competion, (photographer: Carina Engström)

DSC1303: Teamcaptain-competition winners.
Winner: Lars Jensen (Denmark) to the left
Second place: Lars Carlsson (Sweden) to the right
Third place: Hannu Teitto (Finland) in the middle
Best regards, Mattias Hellgren (SWE)

Results day 2 Nordic Shooting championship Sweden 2017

Although it was a chilly morning the weather was great at the Red Woods shooting ranges in Boden.  Conditions where so good that even a range record was broken.

50m Rifle 3pos 3×20 Women IND
50m Rifle 3 pos 3×20 Women TEAM
300m Rapid Fire Rifle 3×20 Men TEAM
300m Rapid Fire Rifle 3×20 Men IND
25m Rapid Fire Pistol Women TEAM
25m Rapid Fire Pistol Women IND
25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men TEAM
25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men IND

pictures by Mattias Hellgren (SWE) – click to enlarge picture and click again for whole photo.

pictures by Vidar Fossmo (NOR), Maria Klasson (SWE), Pia Villemoes (DEN), Camilla Andersen (DEN) and Gunn Heidi Sonsterud Haugen (NOR).

Results day 1 Nordic Shooting championship Sweden 2017

By Anders Khemi (SWE) we received the results of day 1 in Boden at the Norrbottens regemente – I 19 where the Nordic Military Shooting Championship 2017 are held.
300m Standard 3X20 IND
300m Standard 3X20 TEAM
50m Rifle Prone IND
50m Rifle Prone TEAM

25m Pistol Women IND
25m Pistol Women TEAM
25m Center Fire Pistol IND
25m Center Fire Pistol TEAM

(pictures by Mattias Hellgren (SWE), colonel Mikael Frisell (SWE), Vidar Lindstad-Fossmo (NOR), Gitte Vinther (DEN) and Camilla Andersen (DEN).

49th Nordic Military shooting Championships 2017

The Swedish Armed Forces will host the 49th Nordic Military Shooting Championship at Boden Garrison from 14th – 18th August 2017.

The missions of Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden will compete at the ranges that

The Commanding Officer of Boden Garrison, colonel Mikael Frisell who was a rifle shooter himself in CISM will be the host of this high quality championship.

The championship will follow the General Nordic Military Championship regulation 2016 edition and Nordic Military Championship in shooting 2017 edition.
There will be no team match and individual match 10m rifle women included to the championship.

In 2008 the 43rd CISM World Military Shooting Championships were held in Boden, (September 14-21) where over 550 shooters from 45 nations participated and some world records were broken.