2015 CISM Regional Thun (SUI) 3

The complete result list of the CISM Regional Shooting Championship in Thun can be found here.

It has been an interesting Championship with new and old athletes taking various results after long training and hard work in the ranges. The weather was excellent, the athmosphere terrific and Swiss delegation has once again shown professionality in hosting a CISM shooting championship where the moto: “FRIENDSHIP THROUGH SPORT” is always met by all nations.

Thank you for your participation and hope to see you next year in Thun!


Pictures (© CISM-SUI)



Japan on the way to join CISM

On February 6th, Mr Masanori Nishi, Vice Minister of Defense of Japan, visited the CISM general Secretariat in Brussels travelling with a team of officials of the Defense Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Defense. He was officially missioned by the Government of Japan to discuss with the CISM Secretary General on the conditions and procedures for a Japanese Membership in CISM.
After a general presentation of CISM, its scope activities and membership procedures, the Japanese guests asked a number of precise and detailed questions to the CISM Secretary General and his staff, which showed a real and strong interest in joining CISM.
Colonel Koita addressed to the visitors a very clear message : “Japan has always been one of our strategic areas for CISM expansion. Japan meets all conditions to join CISM rapidly and we all sincerely hope that the Japanese Athletes will compete at the 6th CISM World Games next October in Korea.”

Picture 1: CISM SG, colonel Koita and Vice MINDEF of Japan, M. Masanori Nishi exchanging gifts



Picture 2: Japanese and CISM officials

2nd CISM World Cadet Games Ecuador 2014

The shooting range and the track are separated by a few hundred meters. When the competition begins, you feel immediately that good smell of powder invade nearby because other noises, deaf for rifles to 300 m and the crackle of pistols at 25 m, there are also smells. All senses are really wake for this discipline. In the program of the day: training the rifle for the test of speed, precision at the 25 m individual pistol for men, the afternoon training for male and female speed contest.

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25m sport pistol women TEAM
25m sport pistol women INDIVIDUAL
25m Center Fire Pistol Men TEAM
25m Center Fire Pistol Men INDIVIDUAL

10628223_10202618150524004_6334844423417060256_nLCol Taussi (FIN) Maj Vieira (BRA) Col Wolfensberger (SUI)
vice-president, member and president CISM Sport Committee Shooting



10312573_756637447702195_2624893262753337161_nMany CISM sport shooters have participated in the Grand Prix of Liberation in Plzen, Czech Republic where we used to participate in a CISM tournament one week before this grat match.


NOR military rifle team

Norway was present with a new women rifle team with Hanne Skarpodde. In pistol our CISM Champion Pål Hembre was taking medals home. Coach Hallgeir Huse helped us with the pictures.

The results of this match can be found here

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Doha favourite to host 2019 Military World Games

By Anil John/Sports Editor


Doha is bidding for the 2019 Military World Games, and most likely will get to host the event, it emerged yesterday.

At a press conference held at the Losail Shooting Complex ahead of the second CISM International Shotgun Championship starting today, officials revealed that Qatar would be shortly putting in a bid for the prestigious event.

CSIM, which represents more than 100 countries, stands for Conseil International du Sport Militaire, or the international military sports council. It is a body that seeks to promote peace and understanding between nations by organising regular sporting competitions for members of the armed forces.

Lt  Col Walter Borghino, the president of the CISM Sports Commission, praised Qatar for its outstanding sports facilities and organisational abilities, saying Doha would be an ideal host city.

“I am sure Qatar with all its experience in hosting world class international events will put up a great show if Doha wins the 2019 bid,” Borghino said with a smile, perhaps indicating that Doha is the favourite, although no prospective rival city was mentioned.

Borghino, dressed in his military outfit, added that the CISM was waiting for an official letter of intent from the sporting authorities in Qatar before the formal bidding process gets underway.

The Military World Games were launched in Rome in 1995 to celebrate the completion of 50 years after the end of the Second World War. Rio de Janerio hosted the Games in 2011 with the South Korean city of Mungyeong due next in 2015.

Meanwhile, Qatar will be fielding 12 shooters in the CISM International Shotgun Championship in which 10 countries are taking part. Qatar’s campaign will be led by Olympian Rashid al-Athba in the competition.

Two-times Olympic bronze medallist Fehaid al-Deehani of Kuwait, 2013 World Championship silver medallist Simona Scocchetti of Italy and junior World Championship silver medal winner Valerio Andreoni, also of Italy, are the notable entries.

“The competition is going to be very intense and I am sure everybody will put in their best performance,” Qatar Shooting and Archery Federation president Mohamed Ali al-Maadeed said, hoping that Qatar will come out with flying colours.

After a formal opening ceremony at the Losail Shooting Complex today, competitions begin at 9am tomorrow with the men’s and women’s trap and skeet.

The event concludes on Saturday afternoon followed by the closing ceremony.

source: here

International Pistol Shooting Disciplines (IPSD)


Around the world people practice pistol disciplines in which the shots must be fired in a certain time span. Examples of this are Center- Standard- and (Military) Rapid Fire Pistol.

To practice these disciplines a system for turning the targets or switch START and STOP lights is needed. This system, containing numerous electronic circuits, is often expensive.

This program was developed by Koos Herrewijnen. Developing the MRF part was supported by Roland van den Akker. Continue reading

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