Capt Roland van den Akker (NED)

Captain (Royal Netherlands Constabulary) Roland van den Akker is the special advisor and “web secretary” of the CSC Shooting and responsible for communications and the website and Facebook page of the CISM Sport Committee Shooting. Before, during and after every CISM championship he makes an effort of  constantly improving communications among organizing nations both in regional and bilateral CISM championships in order to keep the shooting family updated via this website and the

Facebook CISM shooting group.

Roland has been in shooting and CISM both as a shooter (1998 -04), team coach (2004 -07) and team captain (2007-2013) of the Netherlands Military Pistol Team and member of the CSC Shooting from 2007 till August 2016. He was awarded the grade of Grand Knight  in the CISM Order of Merit  at the 6th Military World Games in Korea 2015. He currently assists the president and secretary of CSC shooting.

Roland holds an ISSF A license for Rifle, Pistol, Electronic Scoring Target and Target Control and is a national trainer for the Royal Netherlands Shooting Union (KNSA).