Lt Col Mikko Taussi (FIN)

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Lieutenant colonel Mikko Taussi is the vice-president of the CISM Sport Committee Shooting

Military career:

Rank: Lieutenant colonel (GS)

Military Unit: Army HQ, Armament division
Personal Task: Deputy Chief

Civil shooting activities
Date and Place of Birth: 5.9.1963 Turku, Finland
Residence: Mikkeli, Finland
Shooting Club: Oulun Metsästys ja Ampumaseura, OMAS.

Outdoor activities, cuisine.

Past performance
Task in Military Shooting Team: Chief of Team
Military Team Membership in Years: since 1998
National Team Membership in Years: 1991-1993 (coaching and mgt)
Personal Best: Smallbore Rifle prone 591 (1993), Smallbore Rifle 1137 (1988), Air Rifle 580 (2002)
Free Rifle prone 589, Standard Rifle 566 (1989), Military rapid fire rifle 516 (1989)
International Results: 3./SR Scandinavian Arctic Event 1989
National Results: FMC: team medals in MRFR, FC: team medals in FR, SR and SFR.

He is also webmaster of the Finnish Military Shooting Team (FMST) website