Appointment OCR for 50th WMC Shooting

On behalf of the Secretary General, you are informed by this letter concerning the appointment of the Official CISM Representative for the 2018, 50th World Military Championship Shooting to be held in Switzerland (May 29th – June 6th).

Colonel Dirk Schwede (GER), Vice President CISM Europe, will be in charge of the 50th CISM World Military Shooting Championships held in Thun.

The Official CISM Representative (OCR) at a championship may suspend an athlete, official, team or mission from further participation at that championship.

The authorities and responsibilities of the Official CISM Representative are as follows (also adaptable to continental and regional representatives):

  1. Protocol-discipline:
    1. Verifies the membership status of all participating nations prior to the preliminary meeting,
    2. Attends the opening and closing ceremonies of the championship, chaired by him or a high- ranking dignitary of the organizing nation,
    3. Leads the missions in the commemorative ceremony which may be conducted by CISM at a national monument, memorials, etc,
    4. Represents CISM on official and diplomatic visits,
    5. Selects representatives among the missions who will take the floor on various official occasions,
    6. Presents CISM titles and awards,
    7. Presents the official CISM gift at the closing banquet,
    8. Delivers the final speech at the closing banquet,
    9. Ensures that the attitude of all participants conforms to the rules and ideals of CISM,

    10. Investigates all disciplinary incidents including sexual and other forms of harassment and sexual assault allegations, and imposes or recommends sanctions depending on the circumstances (Article 1.12.B.1). The OCR will work with the organizing nation regarding all misconduct of a criminal nature to include sexual assault allegations. (DF 13/SG/04)