Day 3 Regional CISM Shooting championship Thun 2017

Day 3 in the CISM Regional Shooting championship is known as the loudest day in the week. Military Rapid Fire matches will be shot both in 25m Pistol and 300m Rifle and at the 50m women range the 3 Positions 3×20 Women match it will be hard to not be influenced by these loud noises. Meanwhile, local and Swiss Shooting authorities and other distinguished guests are invited to visit the Guentelsey ranges and find the international teams fighting for gold, silver and bronze under the CISM motto “Friendship through sport”. At the end of the day, all teams and organising committee will gather together and once the prices are handed to the winners and best shooters of the championship, a lovely meal will close these championships. President CISM Shooting, colonel Bruno Wolfensberger will attend in Thun to update the teams on CISM Shooting developments and personally have a look at the various matches.

Day 3 results:

25m Pistol Military Rapid Fire men Team match 25m Pistol Military Rapid Fire men Team match Individual Results
25m Pistol Military Rapid Fire men Individual match

300m Rifle Military Rapid Fire men Team match
300m Rifle Military Rapid Fire men Team match Individual Results
300m Rifle Military Rapid Fire men Individual match

50m Rifle 3×20 women Team match
50m Rifle 3×20 women Team match Individual results
50m Rifle 3×20 women Individual match

The complete result book

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Day 2 Regional CISM Shooting championship Thun 2017

It is widely known that the Regional CISM shooting championshipsin Switzerland work as a Swiss watch. The high quality Swiss CISM staff, excellent expertise in all disciplines, good support and professionals at all stations; for that reason many international teams want to participate and many had to be disappointed. In 2018 however, every national CISM team is invited to participate and enjoy the excellent Swiss shooting climate at the 50th CISM Military World Championships in shooting.

In the 2017 Regional the following figures say enough:
Total                 21 Nations             172 Participants (116 Shooters 54 Officials)
Men Pistol        15 Nations             45 Participants
Men Rifle          17 Nations             48 Participants
Women Rifle     8 Nations               25 Participants

Results after 2 days:
25 Metre Center Fire Pistol Men Individual match
25 Metre Center Fire Pistol Men Team match
25 Metre Center Fire Pistol Men Individual results Team match

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Day 1 Regional CISM Shooting championship Thun 2017

In Thun (SUI) the CISM regional shooting championship has started in a good atmosphere and with lots of effort of the professional Swiss CISM Team. Most of the participating teams have arrived on Sunday and Monday and due to repairs in the Thun barracks they are lodged near the Guentelsey ranges in the facilities of the Civil Protection Force. The “Friendship through sport” program can be seen here

Live results can be followed here.
News Item from Swiss Shooting Union
News page of Swiss CISM Staff.

Here you find the results of the first match day:

(Pictures kindly presented by organiser athletes and the Swiss Shooting Union)

CISM Regional Switzerland 2017

LCol Wanner (SUI)

From October 2nd – 6th 2017, the Swiss CISM team will organise a CISM Regional championship. LCol Christian WANNER, the new chief of Swiss CISM Shooting  welcomes the teams at the Guntelsey shooting ranges.

The invitation has been sent to the invited nations and as the organiser is focusing on a “regional” tournament (more Europe and only a few selected other nations) a few nations had to be disappointed for not being able to participate. As there were not enough accommodations and infrastructures due to the cause of renovations in the barracks and of course as the date of the final entry has already passed and the maximum of participants and nations have been reached. All nations however  are kindly invited to join the next CISM Shooting World Championships 2018, held in Switzerland (29.05.18-06.06.2018)

The invitation and program can be found here: Invitation Shooting Switzerland 2017

Internationales Pistolenturnier in Salzburg-Liefering

Salzburg-Liefering, 01. September 2017  – Von 29. bis 31. August fand ein Internationales Pistolenturnier des Internationalen Militärsportverbandes CISM in Salzburg-Liefering statt.

Internationaler Militärsportverband CISM

Der Internationale Militärsportverband CISM (Conseil International du Sport Militaire) ist neben dem Internationalen Olympischen Komitee einer der größten Sportverbände der Welt. Nahezu deckungsgleich mit der Grundidee der Olympischen Bewegung bezweckt auch CISM, über den sportlichen Wettkampf Angehörige von Streitkräften aus aller Welt zusammenzuführen, um einander kennen- und verstehen zu lernen. Der offizielle Beitritt Österreichs zum CISM erfolgte am 7. Juli 1958 als 23. Mitgliedsland, mittlerweile zählt Österreich zu einem der aktivsten Mitgliedsstaaten.

Das Turnier

Teilnehmer aus vier europäischen Ländern (Tschechien, Schweden, Ukraine und dem Gastgeberland Österreich) nahmen an diesem Turnier teil. Im Einzel- und Team-Wettbewerb stellen die Teilnehmer ihr Können unter Beweis.


Den Einzelwettbewerb in Präzision- und Schnellfeuer gewann Tomas Tehan aus Tschechien mit dem Gesamtergebnis von 584 Punkten vor dem Punktegleichen Oleksanr Petriv aus der Ukraine und Mikael Nilsson aus Schweden mit insgesamt 577 Punkten. Die Österreicher Karl Pavlis und Andreas Auprich belegten die Plätze 4 und 5.

Den Teamwettbewerb in Präzision- und Schnellfeuer gewann das Team aus der Ukraine mit einer Gesamtpunkteanzahl von 1.722 Punkten vor dem schwedischen Team mit 1.714 Punkten, während das tschechische Team den dritten Platz mit insgesamt 1.699 Punkten errang. Knapp dahinter landete das österreichische Team mit 1.697 Punkten auf dem undankbaren vierten Platz.

In der Disziplin Militärisches Schnellfeuer belegte Andreas Auprich (Österreich) punktegleich mit Tomas Tehan (Tschechien) den zweiten Platz mit 584 Punkten vor dem Drittplatzierten Oleksandr Petriv (Ukraine) mit 582 Punkten.

Österreich gewinnt den Teamwettbewerb

Den Teamwettbewerb im Militärischen Schnellfeuer gewann das österreichische Team mit 1.730 Punkten vor dem Team aus der Ukraine mit 1.722 Punkten und den tschechischen Kameraden mit 1.712 Punkten.

Gesamtsieger aller Bewerbe wurde Tomas Tehan mit einer Gesamtpunktezahl von 2.332 vor Oleksanr Petriv (Ukraine) mit 2.327 Punkten und dem Österreicher Andreas Auprich mit 2.310 Punkten.

Ein Bericht der Redaktion Militärkommando Salzburg / Bilder: Helmut Steger click here

(source: Redaktion Militärkommando Salzburg click here )

Closing dinner Regional CISM Shooting championship Austria 2017

On August 31st the awards were handed out by Brigadier General Heinz Hufler and a closing dinner was presented. The president of the CISM Sport Committee Shooting Colonel Bruno Wolfensberger thanked the General for giving the opportunity to organise this event in Salzburg. A special thank you and appreciation also to Warrant Officer Andreas Sodl who not only organised this championship but also showed some special “Friendship through sport“. He managed to supply the Ukraine pistol team with guns and ammunition – free of charge – as they were not permitted to take their own shooting equipment out of their country. Here we can see that by standing together  the people in military sports can overcome political barriers. The participants stayed at the Schwarzenbergkaserne in Salzburg which are near to the Liefering shooting ranges and were well presented.

Complete results list: Results

Pictures by Organising Committee.(click 2x to enlarge full picture)

3rd day results Regional CISM Shooting championship Austria 2017

At the third day in Salzburg the teams will have a hard day work in order to compete in both the team and Individual matches of the Military Rapid Fire discipline. The Regional tournament is facing it’s end at the Liefering shooting ranges. The championship will close after the awards have been given and the closing dinner is ended today.

The team from the Ukraine could not travel with their firearms as the national regulations in Ukraine have changed. Andreas Sodl (AUT) immediately organized additional pistols and ammunition, so that the Ukrainians could participate. Friendship through sport at it’s best as even the ammunition has been given to the Ukrainians, free of charge by warrant-officer Sodl. President CSC Shooting, col Wolfensberger is at the championship to see with his own eyes the effort the Austrian delegation to CISM and the Austrian Military Pistol team have made to organise this championship. (pictures – click to enlarge – by Matti Kirilov – SWE / Sylvia Steiner – AUT / the CSC Shooting webmaster)
Don’t forget to look at the female participant…. is she on her way to Tokyo?

Military Rapid Fire / Team Competition (click)


2nd day results Regional CISM Shooting championship Austria 2017

Our special reporter at the Liefering shooting range, sent us these results. This Regional CISM Shooting championship in Salzburg, Austria 2017 is another excellent example of “Friendship through sport”. Today the individual competition in the Center Fire match finished with good results (Notice the score at the bottom of the score form!). other pictures from Lasse Carlsson and Matti Kirilov.

Center Fire / Individual Competition (click)


1st day results Regional CISM Shooting championship Austria 2017

After the first day in the at the Liefering shooting range, which is just across the border with Germany, in Salzburg, the Center Fire team matches of the Regional CISM Shooting championship Austria 2017 have been finished and the first medals are won.

Results Center Fire / Team Competition (click)

Here are a few impressions by Sylvia Steiner (AUT) and Matti Krilov (SWE).
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