Day 1 Regional CISM Shooting championship Thun 2017

In Thun (SUI) the CISM regional shooting championship has started in a good atmosphere and with lots of effort of the professional Swiss CISM Team. Most of the participating teams have arrived on Sunday and Monday and due to repairs in the Thun barracks they are lodged near the Guentelsey ranges in the facilities of the Civil Protection Force. The “Friendship through sport” program can be seen here

Live results can be followed here.
News Item from Swiss Shooting Union
News page of Swiss CISM Staff.

Here you find the results of the first match day:

(Pictures kindly presented by organiser athletes and the Swiss Shooting Union)

Can you focus?

How do you bring out the best in yourself? According to Christina Bengtsson – Swedish CISM athlete, world champion in precision shooting and Air Force officer – the answer lies in the word “focus”. It is a phenomenon she has spent her whole career exploring and she warns us that part of the next generation may not possess this ability. Currently, our intense society keeps vying for our attention via media and technology and this is distracting us from breaking personal records. In her TEDx-talk, Christina teaches us how to stay present and shares her captivating story of literally going from zero to hero by using the power of focus.

Christina Bengtsson is a world class athlete, author, lecturer, entrepreneur, and military officer in the Swedish Armed Forces. Her book ”The art of focus – 10,9” gives us tangible advice on how to control our thoughts and stay focused in both our professional and personal life. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.
Watch the video here 

The book named “The Art of Focus: 10,9” has recently been translated into the English language so not only the Scandinavian natives can read all about this interesting matter.

Christina is willing to come to you and tell her story on focussing in shooting. This could be an excellent opportunity foy you on that level to firstly learn about the art of focus, and secondly too see what a success a carreer within the CISM arena can bring out!

Visit Christina’s website:  or order the book here

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Regional CISM Shooting championship Switzerland 2017

Preparations are being done to get everything ready for the Regional CISM Pistol & Rifle championship in the Guentelsey ranges near Thun (SUI). Not less then 20 nations will participate in this populair event. The popularity grows as the professional Swiss CISM team has proven to be able to host a perfect championship for many continuing years and the scores were often this high that many times ISSF and CISM records were equalised or even broken.

Keep an eye on this website as we will inform you as always about the championship.


Training Manual for Officials, Shooting Regulations CISM Cadet Games 2018

The NEW Rules and the Training Manuals for the Officials for Shooting at the Cadet Games 2018 are ready.

Now all rules & regulations are ready for training officials, organisers and athletes.

I will inform the CISM HQ in Brussel to put this information on the CISM Website as well as you can find it here on the CSC Shooting website.
It was a huge job to get these papers complete and according to specifications and I hope they will form the base for a successful Shooting Competition at the Cadet Games 2018.

Here you will find 5 different official files:
Shooting Regulations Cadet Games
Training Manual for Officials for the CISM Cadet Pistol Match 25m
Training Manual for Officials for the 300m CISM Cadet RIFLE Match
Training Manual for Officials for the 300m CISM Cadet
Training Manual for Officials for the CISM Cadet Rapid Fire Pistol Match 25m

colonel Bruno Wolfensberger,
president CSC Shooting


1st day results Regional CISM Shooting championship Austria 2017

After the first day in the at the Liefering shooting range, which is just across the border with Germany, in Salzburg, the Center Fire team matches of the Regional CISM Shooting championship Austria 2017 have been finished and the first medals are won.

Results Center Fire / Team Competition (click)

Here are a few impressions by Sylvia Steiner (AUT) and Matti Krilov (SWE).
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Results day 2 Nordic Shooting championship Sweden 2017

Although it was a chilly morning the weather was great at the Red Woods shooting ranges in Boden.  Conditions where so good that even a range record was broken.

50m Rifle 3pos 3×20 Women IND
50m Rifle 3 pos 3×20 Women TEAM
300m Rapid Fire Rifle 3×20 Men TEAM
300m Rapid Fire Rifle 3×20 Men IND
25m Rapid Fire Pistol Women TEAM
25m Rapid Fire Pistol Women IND
25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men TEAM
25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men IND

pictures by Mattias Hellgren (SWE) – click to enlarge picture and click again for whole photo.

pictures by Vidar Fossmo (NOR), Maria Klasson (SWE), Pia Villemoes (DEN), Camilla Andersen (DEN) and Gunn Heidi Sonsterud Haugen (NOR).

Results day 1 Nordic Shooting championship Sweden 2017

By Anders Khemi (SWE) we received the results of day 1 in Boden at the Norrbottens regemente – I 19 where the Nordic Military Shooting Championship 2017 are held.
300m Standard 3X20 IND
300m Standard 3X20 TEAM
50m Rifle Prone IND
50m Rifle Prone TEAM

25m Pistol Women IND
25m Pistol Women TEAM
25m Center Fire Pistol IND
25m Center Fire Pistol TEAM

(pictures by Mattias Hellgren (SWE), colonel Mikael Frisell (SWE), Vidar Lindstad-Fossmo (NOR), Gitte Vinther (DEN) and Camilla Andersen (DEN).

49th Nordic Military shooting Championships 2017

The Swedish Armed Forces will host the 49th Nordic Military Shooting Championship at Boden Garrison from 14th – 18th August 2017.

The missions of Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden will compete at the ranges that

The Commanding Officer of Boden Garrison, colonel Mikael Frisell who was a rifle shooter himself in CISM will be the host of this high quality championship.

The championship will follow the General Nordic Military Championship regulation 2016 edition and Nordic Military Championship in shooting 2017 edition.
There will be no team match and individual match 10m rifle women included to the championship.

In 2008 the 43rd CISM World Military Shooting Championships were held in Boden, (September 14-21) where over 550 shooters from 45 nations participated and some world records were broken.

Friendship through sport, is everywhere!

Two CISM ambassadors met in Korea at the Military World Games and once again in Erbil, Iraq while on their mission; Col Dirk Schwede (GER) and Lt Roland van den Akker (NED). Dirk was a Liaison for the coalition forces to the Ministry of Peshmerga and Roland was the OIC of the Netherlands Military Police Unit and substitute to the Military Chamber of the Public Prosecutor for the Dutch troops.