CISM Shooting Competition in Lienz (AUT)

May 11, 2018 – In the period from 8 to 11 May 2018, the international military comparison tournament was held in the shooting range on the shooting range “Lavanter Forcha” near Lienz.

The participating military athletes came from Poland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and Hungary. Host nation Austria was represented by the Bundesheer-Leistungssportler Zugsführer Alexander Schmirl, Zugsführer Bernhard Pickl and Korporal Gernot Rumpler.

The competition
The competition was held in the disciplines “Slow Fire” and “Rapid Fire” both as a team competition and in singles. This time, the shooters from Switzerland dominated over the whole week. Their constant shooting performance kept them in the gold medal. The Austrians did not quite find their usual form from the start, yet they won silver in the “Slow Fire Team” and the bronze medal in the “Rapid Fire Team”.

In the “Rapid Fire Single”, Zugsführer Bernhard Pickl prevented by an excellent passage a Swiss triple victory and fought his way to the bronze medal; on silver, only five rings were missing after 60 shots. The event ended on Friday at the grounds of the seminar center Iselsberg with a victory ceremony in a military setting.

pictures (Facebook by SSgt Mike Gottlieber)

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