Day 2 Regional CISM Shooting championship Thun 2017

It is widely known that the Regional CISM shooting championshipsin Switzerland work as a Swiss watch. The high quality Swiss CISM staff, excellent expertise in all disciplines, good support and professionals at all stations; for that reason many international teams want to participate and many had to be disappointed. In 2018 however, every national CISM team is invited to participate and enjoy the excellent Swiss shooting climate at the 50th CISM Military World Championships in shooting.

In the 2017 Regional the following figures say enough:
Total                 21 Nations             172 Participants (116 Shooters 54 Officials)
Men Pistol        15 Nations             45 Participants
Men Rifle          17 Nations             48 Participants
Women Rifle     8 Nations               25 Participants

Results after 2 days:
25 Metre Center Fire Pistol Men Individual match
25 Metre Center Fire Pistol Men Team match
25 Metre Center Fire Pistol Men Individual results Team match

A few pictures of the 2nd day kindly borrowed from the Swiss Shooting Union and participating athletes.