Marko Leppä (FIN) retires in 2018

A long time CISM friend, coach for the Finnish Military Pistol Team and a member of the CISM jury team will retire in 2018. Marko has done lot of good for the Finnish military shooting and national shooting sports in his home nation.  As all military shooters know him very well, he will not be absent from the ranges. For example he will be seen in ESC air weapon championships in Györ (HUN) this February. He has been appointed as secretary-general for the 2021 ESC air weapon championships in Kisakallio, Finland.

Within CISM shooting we would like to thank Marko for his long time friendship and of course we hope to see him at many more championships in the future.

(source: FMST; picture: Mikko Taussi and Marko Leppä)