News from CISM-EU meeting 2018

 Our president CSC Shooting, colonel Bruno Wolfensberger, was at the Annual European CISM meeting in Nicosia (CYP) where he amongst other subjects thanked all nations who organised a CISM Shooting championship wether it was a binational, regional or multi national event.

With the personal written Thank You by president CISM, colonel Al-Shino, colonel Wolfensberger shared the credits and gratefulness with the organisers.
On a world map, colonel Wolfensberger pointed out the whereabouts of every President of a CSC and as it shows he says it’s amazing that Africa has none while Europe has more than 50% of these positions. (see attached Power Point presentation)
After 2 years of negotiations and meetings with brigadier-general Radovic of Serbia, during this European Meeting a basis has been accomplished for a Regional CISM championship in 2018 that is especially for Eastern European nations e.g. Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzogovina, the Former Yogoslaf Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia.
During the EU-meeting there were discussions with all nations and they supported and it was agreed to organise this championship in the 2nd half of 2018. At this moment it is not sure which shooting events will be held in this championship. Such a areal event provides these nations an opportunity to participate without travelling great distances.
The idea of this tournament is to be held every year in another country.

Instead of the name “Regional CISM Tournament“, colonel Wolfensberger suggested that European nations should use a new term.
With a new name e.g. “CISM International (Sport) Championship” the event is better taken into account and it is more meaningful.
Also nations from outside of Europe can be a part of the event. In some countries, the term “regional” has the meaning of a national event and is therefore not always supported. The proposal for a new name has been welcomed by the participants and so Vice President Europa, colonel Schwede has been asked to discuss this proposal in the BoD to eventually make an adjustment to the CISM rules.