PCSC meeting Nice (FRA) 2018

At February 18th, CISM celebrated it’s 70th birthday in Nice (France). During the celebration week, the presidents of the CISM Sport Committees had their yearly meeting.
President of CISM Shooting, colonel Wolfensberger attended at this meeting.

(pictures: Marco Tulio Baptista, BRA)

CISM success at 10M EC Győr, Hungary

At the 2018 European championship in 10m air pistol, Celine Gobervile (FRA) and Yusuf Dikec (TUR) both won gold medal in the women and men event. Joao Costa (POR) won bronze right followed by Anton Gurianov (RUS) who became 4th, Oleh Omelchuk  (UKR) who became 7th and Giuseppe Giordano (ITA) who became 8th in the men 10m Air Pistol event. In women’s air rifle 10m, Jolyn Beer (GER) came 8th in the finals, as in the men’s 10m air rifle event, Alexander Schmirl (AUT) became 7th.
In the 10m Air Pistol Women Team event, Germany won Silver behind Russia and guess who was in this team? CISM friends Sandra Reitz, Monika Karsch & Carina Wimmer! In the 10m Air Pistol Men Team event, Ukraine won gold with the team of Oleh Omelchuk, followed by Serbia and Germany. In 4th place came Russia with Anton Gurianov and his team. This was another great achievement for these sympathetic CISM athletes!

In the jury Marko Leppa, also a CISM friend from Finland was attending. All results of the event can be found in the Sius Ascor website

(Copyright pictures by ESC media, Joao Costa, Celine Gobervile & Sandra Reitz and Dansk Skytte Union)


On behalf of all athletes, coaches, judges and other officials of the 45 African, 18 American, 30 Asian and 42 European member nations and my Shooting Committee members, I congratulate the International Military Sports Council on the occasion of the 70th birthday anniversary of CISM.

18-02-1948 ~ 18-02-2018

Bruno Wolfensberger,
president Sport Committee Shooting

More info (in French)

Intershoot (NL) 2018

In The Hague (Netherlands) the Intershoot championship is held every year in February. This 1st, 2nd and 3rd, the Ockenburgh sports hall was filled up to the roof and a few athletes had to be disappointed as the event exceeded it’s capacity. For many years CISM Shooting friends participated in this event, and 2018 is no exception to that rule!
Have a look if you recognise a few shooting sport friends from Brazil, Portugal, India, Japan, Belgium, Norway, Denmark or… (this message will be updated as soon as there are photo albums online)
Day 1  Day 2 and Day 3 (Arno Brinkman)
Day 3 (Edwin Raats) Day 1-3 (Frank Streng)

Watch it LIVE from the webcams or follow the results LIVE (only during the event))


50th CISM WMSC 2018 Update

The current status of positive registrations as of today, January 27th, for the 50th WMSC in Thun, Switzerland, just one week before the final entry date of the Preliminary Agreement (PA) which is February 1st 2018 , already 16 nations have sent in their PA and another two nations have sent a  message that they will be participating. The final date for returning the Final Agreement (FA) is April 1st, 2018.

President of CISM Shooting, colonel Bruno Wolfensberger (SUI) expects more then 50 nations to participate in this 50th military world championship which will take place at the Thun Waffenplatz and Guntelsey shooting facilities from May 29th – June 6th. He is looking forward welcoming the OCR colonel Dirk Schwede (GER) and his CISM Sport Committee Shooting Team members to facilitate many new (CISM) World Records.

Preparations are still ongoing. The OC of the 50th CISM World Military Shooting Championships supported by the CISM Sport Committee members and support unit of the Swiss Army and Civil Protection region Thun (Zivilschutz) are preparing the facilities to make the participants of the CISM nations feel welcome and have the best possible circumstances to perform.

invitation 50 WMSC

3rd Cadet World Games 2018 UPDATE

By Major General Lodewyk Pusung, Chief of Delegation CISM to Indonesia the following information was shared:

Due to simultaneous local Indonesian  elections, which will be held during the period April to May 2018, the Indonesian authorities have decided that all international events must be rescheduled, this includes the 3rd CISM Cadet World Games 2018.

Due to the fact that there are no other dates mentioned, according to CISM, the Cadet World Games are still in place during the mentioned period (April 28 – May 6) until further notice.

More information should become available via the national CISM representatives and CISM website soon. You can also follow some Indonesian News and read the accompanying letter from Major General Lodewyk Pusung. CISM Indonesia web

Marko Leppä (FIN) retires in 2018

A long time CISM friend, coach for the Finnish Military Pistol Team and a member of the CISM jury team will retire in 2018. Marko has done lot of good for the Finnish military shooting and national shooting sports in his home nation.  As all military shooters know him very well, he will not be absent from the ranges. For example he will be seen in ESC air weapon championships in Györ (HUN) this February. He has been appointed as secretary-general for the 2021 ESC air weapon championships in Kisakallio, Finland.

Within CISM shooting we would like to thank Marko for his long time friendship and of course we hope to see him at many more championships in the future.

(source: FMST; picture: Mikko Taussi and Marko Leppä)

Belgium National Championship Defense Shooting

Dear CISM Friends,

Please find here the invitation to the Belgium National Championship Defense Shooting (Dynamic Shooting). ANNEXES

We hope to see you at this competition and we hope that thisdiscipline can be supported by your country to become a Category One CISM sport.

Please confirm the receipt of this invitation.

Friendship through Sport.
WO Yves Verduyn
Belgian Delegate to CISM

Note: a little different from what we are used to in CISM; have a look here